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The e-commerce.

Main osC database


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It is stored in MySQL. There is a BACKUP (for the database only) option in the admin panel under TOOLS (does a DB DUMP to a text file) - you have the option to keep it on the server or to download it. It would be saved to your default backup directory (ie:www.yoursite.com\admin\backup\). You also have the option to do a DB dump from MOST MySQL tools (must support DB DUMP) - these include: phpMySQL, MySQLFront, WinMySQL and many others.


WARNING: A DB DUMP can be VERY large - if it is large then use the Gzip option. I have seen ISAM files (RAW flat dbase files - much like CSV files but space delimited) in the gigabytes loaded into MySQL and the raw file only is a few hundred Megabites - do a DB dump and back to gigabytes again...


Now the OTHER option is to find the RAW MySQL file - however you can't normal just COPY the file - as it is alway changing. It would be best to STOP the MySQL services (so it can write and close the file) then make your copy -then restart your MySQL serivice again. These files (some 228 files in my database) can be found in a directory depending on how MySQL was setup (windows default is C:\MYSQL\DATA\<your_db_name>\ or Linux /usr/local/mysql/<your_db_name>/ ) - look for a lot of files that end with:






(there is atlease three files for every table in your database.....there may be more if more indexes are created...)


Good luck.

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