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add field to customer signup


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I just want to add a field to the customer sign up page for a cell phone number.


I know how to do so through mysql but how hard is it to interface through the account page to make it show up like everything else.


is there a contrib for this?



Thanks, Kirk

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Kirk, yes this may sound very easy but I know from experience that it is very complex. It means modifying dozens of pages. As one of the first things I did as a complete newbie back then, it still gives me a headache thinking about it. I eventually made it work for 3 new inputboxes. I could not tell you what to do, as it has been too long ago and mainly been 'muddling through'.


My approach was to carefully exam the code, copy existing code and replace that with what you want. For example if you wanted an extra field for the street_address, you would look for references to street_address all over the place, copy it and replace it with address_line2 or whatever. That way you would get it to work finally if you look carefully.


If you don't need all the other fields, it's a lot easier to change a not-used field to store something else, it only takes a change in your language file ot make it appear as Cell Phone nr.


If you dare to get your hands dirty (it definitely helps understanding the code), look for any reference to phone number and duplicate the code for your cell phone number. Don't give up, and good luck B)

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does anyone know which files has to be changed so all new fields show in the address table. or where this is done so i can add the extra fields.

i already have the db table updated and have modified some files so i can edit the fields. but wherever this field has to be pulled it just returns blank


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