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Picture in header for SSL connection only... HOW??


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This is a continuation from a post on the Tips and Tricks forum, but is probably more suited to this one. You can check the other post out if you wish:




I want to display one image in my header file when the connection is nonSSL and another when it is SSL. The following code:


<td><?php echo 'request type is:' . $request_type; ?></td>


would return "request type is:NONSSL" regardless of the connection type. When I asked my hosting provider about the problem they explained it like this:


The reason for this is that the server you are on does not proccess the SSL. We have a switch that also handles the SSL requests by requesting the information that is secure on port 443 from the server on port 80. The data is still protected because it is being the switch is sending it through port 443 still. This means that the script on the server will report it as normal http traffic because that is how the switch requests it.


With this in mind, does anyone have any suggestions of a work-around that will alow me to display one image in my header when it's a secure connection and another when it is not?


Any help is greatly appreciated,



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