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Do you have NOCHEX working?


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Having a few problems using the NOCHEX payment.


When clicking on confirmation, cost details of the cart are not sent to the Nochex page?


I receive ?0.00 as the amount to be debited at the nochex page.


Has anyone got this to work?


I have checked the links in NOCHEX.php, they appear to be ok.


NOCHEX recommend that you use code as such:




But I am unable to work out how the oscommerce script inputs

" parameter=value&parameter=value "


Could someone direct me to the code that handles the parameter and values


Many thanks.. :)


Are there any requirements to using NOCHEX, ie: cookies or sessions ect. ? That should be set in admin ?

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It works, I defined the GBP wrongly.......duh!!


Title: GBP



Code: GBP ( I was using GB, which does not work!! opps)



Symbol Left: ?



Symbol Right:



Decimal Point: .



Thousands Point: ,


Decimal Places: 2


Value: 1.00000000



Simple things in life are always the most confiusing ..... :blink:

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the same thing is happening for me but when I change the code from GB to GBP all my prices go to zero until I reach the nochex payment page when it puts in the correct total any ideas?

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