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The e-commerce.

i think i have to leave before i go crazy


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:huh: Hi

I have to say this is a great cart and this forum is also great help,But!!!!!!

pay pal IPN . This is great work and a must have but i have a few problems with it

1- it dosen't.t send the delivery and billing address. in test mode

2- it doesn't work at all when i use live paypal. no updating the shopping cart, or changing the status of the order to delivered . The order shows in the admin/customers/order but i don't seem to get it in admin/customers/order

I have looked all over in the past 2 weeks to find an answer to this problem.

in the process i have found great additions to my cart

if you would like to look at it. http://www.webdesign125.com/pizzainny

1- better attributes

2-paypal shopping cart

3-min order


i have 2.2 ms1 and using paypal ipn v0.971 and it seems that it works for a lots of people but a lot of us are having the same problems with it.i want to know if this contribution have worked for any body out of the box and we are all just missing something or it needs modification in its scripts.i am willing to start with a fresh

osc ms1 if that is what it takes

mind you that when i went to school we used punch cards. and i have been a salesperson ever since but given clear directions i should be able to cut and past

a little to get the job done.


the other way would be to also populate the carts with all the options but i don't know php. If you check out my site you see thanks to these forums i already have a paypal shopping cart instead of the single price entry but i need something like this to make it work.


for 0<i>number of attributes

[option one] =[option one]+[and] +[attribute]



pass [option one] to paypal

so it creates something like "mushrooms and garlic and meatballs" as the option field of paypal it should work since paypal option Fields have a 200 character limit.


then i have to find a way to also pass the delivery address and the billing address

to paypal also and the comments field . all should be done very easy with the cart

but i still prefer the ipn to work.


There is also another thing i need to let the customer buy without registering.

there are two contributions but they are outdated

it wants me to

OPEN AND MAKE CHANGES IN THIS FILE: /catalog/includes/filenames.php

//Begin Checkout Without Account Modifications

define('FILENAME_PWA_PWA_LOGIN', 'login_pwa.php');

define('FILENAME_PWA_ACC_LOGIN', 'login_acc.php');

define('FILENAME_CHECKOUT', 'Order_Info.php');

//End Checkout Without Account Modifications

but i can't find filenames.php if somebody can point me to the right direction in regards to buy without registering solution that works for 2.2ms1

there should be one global customer with blank as email and blank as password

and if the customer don't chose one for himself the basket should just complete the order like it is for that global customer. as a salesperson i don't see a logic for putting an obstacle in front of your customer when he wants to pay it is like putting a bouncer in front of your register

OK i told you i am losing my mind!!!





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