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use of bogus on bug tracking


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I think there is a bug with your bug reportsing.


It appears that "bogus" is being misused as a catch all for things that are not being addressed.


If there is a valid problem with the current system ... even if this is "expected" this should not be entered into the system as bogus.


For example ... paypal modules where an order can be paid for but there is no order in os commerce ... this is a major bug imho. For a shopping cart to allow payments to be made without a way to track these payments back to an order is a big issue.


When added this bug ... it got marked as bogus and the email I got on this said that it was a problem with paypal and this is expected to work like this.


Huh? so you are expecting one out of five orders that get paid for with paypal to not be able to be tracked back to an order? with no way to see what the person ordered without emailing them and asking? I think this is a valid bug ... certainly not "bogus"


I personally dont think that this issues is with paypal ... it IS A BUG with the way os commerce is interfacing with paypal ...


If nothing is going to be done with this than it should be marked as such ... to mark this as bogus however ... is misuse of the bug tracking system ...


can there be a new category other than bogus ... to track bugs and let people offer sollutions to these issues ?

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