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The e-commerce.

is this really too complicated for someone to re.


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this is the 3rd time I have asked.

Last time I got 20 views and no response!!!??

Is there something here that isn't clear? Is this really too much to ask?

I want a Category table ONE column wide (display one picture over the other) when I want to use BIG PICTURES. simple

Please help me.


I want to change the "index.php" around line 97 to display a category table ONE COLUMN WIDE if I am at a category page (path) where I want to use BIG IMAGES for the categories. ie http://www.dragonwingkites.com/catalog/ind...?cPath=28_43_45 I don't mind if I have to hard code it because there will only be about 10 different pages where I will want this to occur. I have tried many things but none of them worked. (Trial and error got me this far but it has finally failed me.) I really do need help.

The reason is because I want to use BIG IMAGES for the categories and I don't want them pushing "column_right.php" out of the browser window.

If there is a way to check the size of the images and then IF they are big CREATE DIFFERENT category table that is one column wide, that would be ideal. But I don't need ideal. I just need it to be one column wide where I want it.



what I really want is an "if else" statment for images above 100 pixels for the "index.php" around line 97 where, if I have BIG images for the category I can list the categories vertically. I don't know php well, but something like

Most of the time
"$width = (int)(100 / MAX_DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW) . '%';
if images REALLY BIG
$width = (int)(100 / MIN_DISPLAY_CATEGORIES_PER_ROW) . '%';




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