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The e-commerce.

great problem


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hello everybody!


i've a great problem: after filling in all userdatas and klick on next step a blank side follows.


the history of my page:


first i installed oscommerce on my webspace in a catalog directory!

i configured oscommerce and all worked well.

now i changed my domainname to go direct to the catalog file!

after editing the both configure phps all works fine,but after creating an account i get a blank page - no success screen. the e-mails are sent and in mysql the datas are available.


now i've tried every way that i can image to solve this, but i find no way.


please please help me

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Well, at the moment all I'm getting is this:


Warning: main() [function.main]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/share/php/includes/application_top.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/www/web419/) in /home/www/web419/html/index.php on line 13


Warning: main(includes/application_top.php) [function.main]: failed to create stream: Operation not permitted in /home/www/web419/html/index.php on line 13


Fatal error: main() [function.main]: Failed opening required 'includes/application_top.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /home/www/web419/html/index.php on line 13

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I recieved this:

Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/www/web419/html/includes/classes/email.php on line 71


Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/www/web419/html/includes/classes/email.php on line 72


Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/www/web419/html/includes/functions/general.php on line 970


Which are all email related. Check your settings in admin.

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now i disabled sending e-mails and i get the following comment:




Unable to determine the page link!


Query was empty - Query was empty


Query was empty





Warning: Unknown(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time. in Unknown on line 0

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Now I can actually see the site (which I couldn't before) but you have this warning at the top.


Warnung: Das Installationverzeichnis ist noch vorhanden auf: /home/www/web419/html/install. Bitte l?schen Sie das Verzeichnis aus Gr?nden der Sicherheit!

Warnung: osC kann in die Konfigurationsdatei schreiben: /home/www/web419/html/includes/configure.php. Das stellt ein m?gliches Sicherheitsrisiko dar - bitte korrigieren Sie die Benutzerberechtigungen zu dieser Datei!



This means you need to change permissions on the configure.php file to 644.


I will try and create a test account and get back to you on the other problem.

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OK, the problem seems to be that the continue button at the bottom of the page is set to go to create_account.php insrtead of create_account_process.php


I created an account in my own site to see what it did and it briefly flicked to create_account_process.php before being diverted to create_account_success.php. Yours just went back to create_account.php, so it wasn't being told to go to create_account_success.php, which comes at the end of the create_account_process.php file.


Look at about line 46 of create_account.php for this code:


<!-- body_text //-->


Underneath, it should say:


   <td width="100%" valign="top"><?php echo tep_draw_form('account_edit', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT_PROCESS, '', 'SSL'), 'post', 'onSubmit="return check_form();"') . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process'); ?>


Now I am not great at code, but as that is the only reference to create_account_process.php in the entire file, I would say that that is the bit which tells it to go to create_account_process.php. Yours might say FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT instead.



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Sorry to post three times - not spamming - had another thought.


If that doesn't work, look in application_top.php and make sure you have this line

 define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT_PROCESS', 'create_account_process.php');

and that it is correct.

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  • 2 months later...

I do not have this in any application*.php file at all, and I cannot create an account. When I click on continue the location bar says:




and then I get a 404 error.


can anyone give me a hand with this. If I cannot create an account the proggy is useless to me :(


>define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT_PROCESS', 'create_account_process.php');


Thank you

aspeciality AT hotmail DOT com

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