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Hello all,

first off I want to thank Chris_C for sending me in the correct direction.

here is the message I got from chris :D


Hi jello1,


When I get a chance, I'll write a how-to contribution. It's very easy. You just setup keyed input from worldship. It uses a mysql driver you download for windows to connect to the mysql database and pulls the info from it. The steps are a bit involved to pull all the order info down but once it's done it's a breeze.






After fighting with worldship and getting keyed input mapping complete. I'm pretty close to getting this mod working. maybe we can all put in our 2cents and see if we can get this contrib working.

I'm just about done with mine. and if i get it done i'll post the steps here.

  • Step 1 go to mySql Driver Page
  • Step 2 : Install the driver
  • Step 3 open Worldship
  • Step 4 click on UPS online connect
  • Step 5 click on keyed input > more
  • Step 6 Create/Edit Map
  • Step 7 New Map> inport from ODBC> name your source click on create
  • Step 8 select myodbc3-test

and try to connect to your database, if you can connect then your ready to start the mapping.


more to come.......

thanks again Chris!

<span style='font-family:Courier'>If you can't fix it Perl it!!!...</span>


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  • 2 weeks later...

anyone know if there is a way to sync UPS online with OScommerce?


It takes forever to input the addresses...does anyone know of a way to somehow grab the info from OS and input it into the UPS online with the click of a button?





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  • 5 months later...

I'm currently trying to integrate Wolrdship with osCommerce, so I was just wondering if anything ever came of this module or contrib? It's been a while and no follow-up replies...




I think I've got it 75% figure out, but just need a few more tips from someone who's done this before.

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