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Making admin area SSL only


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Hello All,


I recently added a password to the admin area of my site.

I also want the area accessible only by SSL,

so I did the following in .htaccess:


AuthName Secure


AuthType Basic

require valid-user

AuthUserFile /var/www/html/csa/catalog/admin/.htpasswd

<Limit GET POST>

require valid-user



So now when I click on any link the admin area, its always using http://

instead of https:// for every link. As a result, I always get the 'access forbidden'

page whenever i click on anything in /admin.


How can I 'fix' oscommerce so that everything in the admin links it https:// ???


Please Help!



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Yes, you need to make the change in your admin\includes\configure.php file. I had assumed that Pauly had already taken care of that item. (could be wrong though)


The change which I have suggested is made in addition to the configuration change. Without this modification I found that the initial admin page could still be accessed from its http address as opposed to only being accessable via https. I prefered the look of always having https as the entry, as did my Client.

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