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Credit Card payment info


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Actually, make that - I get the emails but without the Credit Card # and details. Can't process the order without these - or should I be going to the Orders Table to get the Credit Card#.


For security reasons I don't believe the Orders table holds, or should hold the expiry and or validation?


Any thoughts will be welcome.



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The Bear


Many thanks for your help and support. I do see it there. S'pose it is by design for security reasons that the number does not show up on the emails. After all, it probly would defeat the SSL purpose!




MG :)

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Add a substr($order->info['cc_number'], -4) to the email in checkout_process.php, manually. . is the string concatenation operator.




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Thanks for that info above...


Now another code question...


I am setting up a page for the sales department to remove the first 12 digits of a CC number so only the last four are stored in the database.


I have inserted a code that shows the full number so they can get it and now that it needs to be altered (which the can do by opening another page and manually removing it). The only code I could make whork shows all of the numbers (wll actually however many I set). But I would really like it show all X's except the last 4. Can anyone modify this code to do that?


<?php echo "" . substr($order->info['cc_number'],-16); ?>


Questino # 2 (not nearly as important as above) but how hard is it (or does anyone have a code- because I am code dumb) to be able to click a button and have it remove the first 12 digits of a CC number?


But like I said the first question is a priority if anyone can help.



osC Contributions I have published.


Note: Some I only provided minor changes, updates or additions!

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