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The e-commerce.

New look after a summer break


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Hi all,


Please take a look at Rental Srl and tell me what you think. Ah, it's in italian.


(quick note for moderators - it's got the oscommerce link at the bottom, i promise :) )


Nice to be back (not that anyone would remember me anyway :P )



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The color scheme is nice and the icons really look good with the design. I think the banner needs some work. You have this bright, vividly colored site, but it contrasts with a dull and blurred banner.

For the most part it seems as though it is pretty standard oscommerce design.

One big thing I noticed is the lack of product photos, it really takes away from the impact. Getting some good quality product photos would really enhance the web site.

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How are you? where is it?

privacy etc etc I can't see it...


Where are you located? in Italy it is already hard to sell over the internet. with little details.. I wouldn't know....


No details of products... I like to know what I buy... even if there are famous products..


it took me a while to understand what you do...



PS: critiche che servono per migliorare il sito

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I think it looks great and I like the banner.


But I agree product images would be nice.


Also, it's probably my lack of Italian, but I clicked on the Bacardi Breezer Peach and it seems you are selling one 27.5 cl (275ml) bottle for ?27.00!!!!! I am sure that can't be right. If it is a case, then you need to say so and how many bottles in the case etc!


Also you have some continuity issues. In 'Champagne' sometimes the liquid volume is written as CL.75, somtimes as CL75 and sometimes as CL 75.


It needs to be consistent. Decide how you are going to type it eg CL 75 and use that same style throughout the store.

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