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Can OSC treat Categories like Products...


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Ok, on any given "product results" page you can set OSC up to only show 8, and then have "page 1, 2, 3" etc. However, I'm finding that there is no way to show 8 categories, and then split the other categories onto other pages.


Anyone know how to do this? I need to limit the number per page because it's pushing the table to long.


Here is an example of what I'm talking about:


http://www.janusetcie.com -> Skip Intro -> Products by category -> Dedon


You can see how it pushes the table too long. I need to somehow make category result pages split onto mulitiple pages like the products do...


Any suggestions?

I need to read the rules more often...

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Well, you have an odd site design there. I only discovered that you had more categories at the bottom by selecting the text. I can't imagine most customers will bother to do that. A side scroll bar would be the more usual practice. If you don't want a scroll bar on the entire page, then a scroll bar on the frame would at least show your customers that you HAD more categories, because otherwise they would just not know.

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