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The e-commerce.

Ready for the critics


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When I click on Home, I am taken to your main site, but I don't see how I can get back to the shop.


Keep the forums out of view until you have enough members.

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Keep the forums out of view until you have enough members.


How does he get members then??



Site looks great really fits the theme your working with. One thing I dont like is the button images, they stick out like a sore thumb.


Love the header, looks great! Really professional.



Not sure about trading laws in america, but your conditions and privacy notice seem a tad on the skimpy side, but if your happy then im happy.

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Problems (as I see them):


As Interbikes says, no way from home to the catalog.


There is a problem with the BUYNOW & REVIEWS buttons and the background.


Several items priced at $0.


Verticle should be Vertical


Your should be you're - it's in a least 2 places I spotted.



Now the good bits (as I see them)


Like the colours


Header is really nice


Navigation seems fairly quick.


Good luck

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Thank you for the advice and feedback. The "home" button will be implemented later after I get the shopping cart finished. I agree with your feedback on the buttons and I am redoing those today. What color would you suggest? I am thinking orange, from the flames in the logo? Maybe black with orange text, but I don't want it to look like Halloween!


The forum is new as well, as I am redoing the site you see when you click on the "home" button. I really only want some feedback on the shopping cart right now, but appreciate the feedback on the other sections. The typos and prices will be corrected asap. My client emails me the descriptions and prices, and I should have run a spell checker on it first!


Thank you for your input. Any more advice?


I need to add multiple images in the product pages, which contribution are you all using?

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Ok, I fixed the link to the home page. I changed the buttons to an orange/yellow color. They look a little better, but they stand out on that dark background. I think they need to though. as they are the shopping buttons and etc.

Working on the typos now.

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Great looking site. Very very professional and slick.


One suggestion is that the text color red on a dark gray background is a little hard on the eyes. It gets my attention as I assume is the purpose, but also makes them hurt. Perhaps a shade of orange similar to the flame color of the header? And don't worry about Orange/Black color scheme as too Halloween-like. Actually it is more likely to read Harley Davidson-like with your motorcycle owning clientele.


Also should Out Shine be Outshine? Or am I just confused by the old Soundgarden song, Outshined.


Beautiful site though.




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