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The e-commerce.


The Ozman

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Real new to OS commerce so please forgive mein advance for basic questions.


On my front page the oscommerce gif at the top. Ok I did the "uplosod your logo and name it oscommerce.gif" and yeah it now is my logo.. thats cool. BUT



Where/what is the file that containes th very top.. (ya know that bit where the logo sits right t the top, with those three gifs on the left hand side for checkout etc.


I want to change the background and generally muck about with this but I cant find which file to edit.


ALSO where is what is the file that contains the "What's New Here?



Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account? " I would like to edit that stuff too (and while Im at it I want to change the page name so it shows my store name rather than "whats new OS commerce"


and while I'm on fact findin mission how do I change the color of the top of all thise tables that appear on the front page (categories, manufacturers etc.. ) and I think once I know where the file is to change the TOP of those puppies, I should be able to chnge the background color too!


AS I said this is probably real basic, but when ya don't know. its real impossible.


TIA for any help



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its call'd tep_application_top.php in yr catalog and admin 'proper' root dir's

search for this file under the top most directory .

i love LAMP tools and other open source software initiatives, I would liket to get involved in and hack a website together.


y'al know da deal, here, GPL world wide, so keep it real and wide open, for us ordianry mortals.

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Try the simple template system v1.4 incontributions this allows full modding of the way the page looks and you are able to add images and so on need any further info let me now if I can help in any way. :D

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