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I want to change the text of the email that goes out when and order is completed because it says that the status is "delivered" when it clearly should say "dispatched" (maybe this is a US/UK thing)


I found this text in admin/includes/languages/orders.php


define('EMAIL_SEPARATOR', '------------------------------------------------------');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT', 'Order Update');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER', 'Order Number:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL', 'Detailed Invoice:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED', 'Date Ordered:');

define('EMAIL_TEXT_STATUS_UPDATE', 'Your order has been updated to the following status.' . "\n\n" . 'New status: %s' . "\n\n" . 'Please reply to this email if you have any questions.' . "\n");

define('EMAIL_TEXT_COMMENTS_UPDATE', 'The comments for your order are' . "\n\n%s\n\n");


define('ERROR_ORDER_DOES_NOT_EXIST', 'Error: Order does not exist.');

define('SUCCESS_ORDER_UPDATED', 'Success: Order has been successfully updated.');

define('WARNING_ORDER_NOT_UPDATED', 'Warning: Nothing to change. The order was not updated.');



so this seems to be the bit that writes the email, but it uses a variable

'New status: %s'
and I need to be able to change this to change what the order status says. I can't find this in any language files. Anybody know please?





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