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The e-commerce.

install on localhost


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Hi! I am absolutely new and trying to learn, but can't even get it installed!


I am wanting to set up oscommerce on my local server (apache) first. Once it is complete I will upload it. I have read the wiki and done a huge search but can't find the answer. Apache and php are *both working*. I also have the mysql icon in status bar, so presume that that is ok. I have not even thought about mysql yet!


This is *exactly* what I have done so far.


Php side..

When I installed php4, I was told to change 2 main things in my conf/httpd.conf file.


1. # This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to.

<Directory "c:/phpweb">


2. DocumentRoot "c:/phpweb" (all my website folders are within this folder)


All other paths within the httpd.conf file are c:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache



I downloaded and unzipped oscommerce to c:/

The wiki then says that I need to upload the catalog folder(and all its contents)

to the server.

Since I am wanting to do this all locally first, I presume I need to move the catalog folder to either :

c:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache (I put in htdocs folder)




I have tried both, but it just comes up as page not displayed when I enter



Also, should I do *all* these steps in the wiki? Here are the headings. Obviously I will do this all locally instead of ftp'ing to server.


- Upload the /catalog/admin directories to your server using FTP to upload files.

(follow all steps listed here)

- Root Directory Installation (is this optional?)

(follow all steps listed under this heading)

- Set the permissions on: (does this only apply to above?)

(follow all steps here)


Step 1

(follow all steps here)


Lastly, is there any other step by step guide out there? I feel really stupid, not being able to follow this one!


REALLY appreciate this.


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