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html php varibles and PAYMENT HELp


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i posted a post earlier about payready doesnt' seem like anybody wants to help or knows how to help so I'm going to rephrease a new question. I am using payready and I want to basically make my own contribution. Payready is relative simple to deal with what I want to do it make a form for the consumer to fill out their information and credit card information. Payready gives me an example how to interact with their website via HTML...so I wanted to ask how do i integrate my own payment module written in html into my oscommerce. Another question is how can i go about grabbing some oscommerce varibles such as customers name address and so on and put it into a hidden html input text box field so i can send a post command to payready with all the proper information? also will security be a problem since it's written in html?

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I must admit, I've been perusing for quite a while, looking for the _ultimate_ description on how to piece together a payment module. I'm in the middle of going through authorize.net, payment, and the admin code - but (being a shop owner), I'm constantly interrupted and haven't made nearly as much progress as I want. I've looked through the Wiki docs, the dev docs and still don't have a road map. If anyone is willing to "tutor" us, I'd be _more_ than willing to document what we do and make that available.


I'm putting together a YourPay module (they provide php wrappers), and will certainly contribute it when complete. Thx!

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