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A Problem with New Artibute Manager!


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Just loaded this program "Problem with New Attribute Manager" and it was very easy to load and only a couple of files to edit.


But I have a problem.


In the Admin section the program is listed on the left hand side as it should be but a little * is beside of it.


When I click on it to open the contribution it says:


Access Denied  


No Right Permission Access  

Please contact your Web Administrator to request  

more access or if you found any problem.


Anyone got any idea what I need to change to get this file to open?




I'm having a great Day - hope you are too!



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Found it in another Post!


I needed to store the files in the Admin section of the Administrator.


It would sure be nice if their was a manual or a troubleshooting page for this cart.


I still think the cart is the worlds best!



Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2003 7:31 pm    Post subject: Re: Define MAINPAGE v1.3    




It sounds to me like you've got an Admin contribution running in admin.  


If your admin contribution is like mine, you have to go into the Administrator within Admin, and click on file access, then open up the Catalog folder, and store the files associated with define_mainpage.php.  


I am using oscommerce 2.2 MS1 and Admin Account 1.2. This is what I had to do to make it accessable.  


If you are using another Admin Contribution, you may have to add a line in one of the languages files to make it accessable so that the Admin contribution recognizes it, and allows you permission to open that link.  


I hope this helps...

I'm having a great Day - hope you are too!



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