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The e-commerce.

New store almost ready for launch.


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Hello Everyone!



I have been working on this store for the past several months in my spare time (What little I have) :P . I think I have gotten it to a point where I should get some constructive criticisms and perhaps a few ideas from the community. Please take a look and let me know what problems you might find. The store is in test mode, so for the time being, anyone wishing to make a test purchase or do a little window shopping or dreaming is more than welcome to do so. You may use the my visa card for the experience. Here is the number 4111111111111111 and the expiration date is 06/05. :D Please take a moment and look around. I am still awaiting the rest of the graphics from my graphics designer, so please take it easy on me in that area. All of the "stock" OSC graphics will be replaced soon. :) Enjoy your browsing experience, and please let me know if there is anything that needs my attention.


Thank You to all who have taken the time to help me get this far and to those who have contributed to this forum with their time and talents.



www.circuitrysolutions.com is the URL




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No Problem Mark1 I will give you my 2 cents


The site looks good Yeah Man. But I don?t like the box header images

it takes too much attention away from your content try to make it less

distracting and it is also over lapping I can see a small piece in index

page and product_info page.


Try to remove these   from the info boxes and see if that help.

I am not a php expert so PLEASE BACK UP YOUR FILES before any changes.

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I went I saw and I returned ;)


Looks ok, only a couple of things,


if I choose to edit comments on an order after entering cc details, it asks me to enter the cc details again, I'm not sure if this is the norm, if it is, then its n a p.


and on the returns procedure theres a small typo


Thank you for subbmitting your returns request


and how you would like to be paid for your returns, on selecting cc it proceeds.


you don't keep the customer cc details on record do you?

be carefull if you do, authorities get nervous if this is not done in a secure way. And it may be something a real customer might be curious about also.



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Have you viewed it @ 800x600 ?

Not too bad, but it does look a little crammed.


If using IE, paste the following line into your address bar while viewing your site:

java script:window.resizeTo(800,600)


That'll let you see how it looks at 800x600.


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Ok, I think I have my 800 X 600 resolution problem resolved thanks to The_Bear. I also fixed the typo in the RMA contribution (It was the author of the contribution's fault :P ). As for the concern about keeping credit card info on my site, I do not do that. In order to get credit for a return, the buyer and I would have to speak over the telephone for the credit. I agree after looking at it again that it needs to be made more clear. I will track down the wording in the code a little later. I hope while taking care of the resolution problem, that I have also resolved the problem with my header graphics overlapping. The comment field problem was taken care of with a little help from Johnson. He pointed out I was missing a line of code in the checkout_process.php file that resets the variable after checkout. I think I have gotten the technical problems resolved. :wink: I cant do anything about personal tastes. I have a graphics artist designing the artwork, and I have to rely on her to make the site visually appealing. I am sure some wont like it, but I hope the majority do! It is a bit flashy, but I hope it works. I dread to think of what it would look like if *I* did the work. :roll:


Thanks again for all the helpful comments and especially to those who continue to help me fix the problems that have been pointed out! :)




Any other shoppers or critics would be welcome. Please have a look around and let me know if you see any problems!



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It really doesn't look good on a 800x600 screen, customers shouldn't have to horizontally scroll to see what's in their shopping cart. and the logo & header takes up so much space the product photos are pushed too far down "below the fold", moving the secure image to the bottom of the page would eliminate the width problem.


Also the product descriptions are rather long, you have a link to the manufacturers website for more information, does the customer need to know all this.


The font size of the heading seem too big also in 800x600. This screen size is still used by a lot of people with Windows 98.

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