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SSL Problem, PLEASE HELP - expert setup / advice needed !


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Dear All,


Anyone know how to get round this problem:


My local path to my catalog is at:



When using the shared secure server my local path changes to:




How the hell do you set this up, when the cart calls the checkout on the secure server, it can't find the path as it changes as above.


I have tried everything...


If anyone would like to try and fix this for me I would be eternally grateful, I would even be prepared to pay.


I have a 400+ product populated store at: http://www.signprint.co.uk/catalog that needs me to install SSL on, but you can test on a new store I have setup for testing and debugging this problem, this uses the same servers and setup as my live store.



Here are the detail logins for a test cart you could try and fix:



Domain: pbcleaning.co.uk


You can login at:




login: pbcleaning

pass: pbclean


Ftp access is via ftp.signprint.co.uk login: pbcleaning pass: pbclean


Store install at: http://www.pbcleaning.co.uk/catalog/install/


Database name, when using SQL needs to be: 'server13'


Path physical to catalog is: /home/p/b/pbcleaning/public_html/catalog/


But when accessing via SSL the full system path to the webspace changes to:



SSL server path to catalog: https://www1.securesiteserver.co.uk/pbclean...eaning/catalog/


SSL Server is: www1.securesiteserver.co.uk


SQL Database is: Name: 'pbcleaning' Pass: 'mysql'



Feel free to change site via control panel, delete, re-install MySql / SSL as required, or change passwords for the account whilst working on it.


I would pay up to US$50 to get it working.



The problem is that on calling checkout and switching to the SSL, the error log can be viewed through the control panel at: http://cp.pbcleaning.co.uk, login: pbcleaning, pass: pbclean.


Also see: http://cp.pbcleaning.co.uk/help.cp?page=ssl for details on specific SSL / MYSQL settings.


Please change the password whilst working on the site, to work on it solo if required.


Am I asking too much !? Maybe - please only try and fix if you are a bit of an expert !


Kindest Regards,


Steve Arnold

Sign & Print Graphix

United Kingdom

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