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Contribution - Price per KG under Price almost finished help


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Hi all


This is a small contribution which is finished for shop with one currency, but for shops that use more than one currency, it is not quite finished and I need some help here.


Calculating the ?Price? per KG of a product and show it in the products_info_php page under the Price.


UK Pound or whatever...


Kg = 1000 gr

From weight field = 500 gr

From price field = 0.89


The actual formula would be: 1000 / 5000 = 2 x 0.89 = 1.78

see below



// salvo added to show by the KG/LT

if ($product_info['products_weight'] > 0) {

$KG_LT = round((1000/$product_info['products_weight'])*($product_info[products_price]), 2);

echo '(', $currency, ' ', $KG_LT, ' ', per, ' ', Kg./Lt.')';

} else {




And This works very very Well (GBP 1.78 per Kg)


The Problem would be if one has two or more currency


I chage the currency to Euro and it shows:

Euro Price = 1.25 (this is fine)

price per KG (EUR 1.78 per Kg) this should be EUR 2.50


This means that there is something in the formula NOT correct


Can someone help?



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