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HELP!! I cannot figure out how to work tax for California!


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It has been weeks trying to figure out how to work the tax for my webiste, I really need some help from you... This is what is happenning:


I have finally discover the problem with the tax but there is something that still not working properly and the problem is the following:


As you can see next area "the checkout area", the tax is being calculated properly when I have the product set up as "taxable goods" and is only calculating the tax on the product itself as it should be.




Billing Information


Billing Address (Edit)

Rodo Pacheco

445 St. Nowhere

los angeles, CA 90041

United States


Payment Method (Edit) PayPal


Sub-Total: $430.78

Table Rate (Best Way): $11.50

California Sales Tax: $32.83

Total: $442.28




Now here is the problem, when I set up the products in this case with price of $ 397.95 which is the price it should show in the website, and I change this product "tax class" to "taxable goods" the price in that field changes to $430.78 with is the price with the tax included. As you can see in the following area...... (which is the "Entering new product screen"



Date Available:

(YYYY-MM-DD) dateAvailable.writeControl(); dateAvailable.dateFormat="yyyy-MM-dd";


Products Manufacturer: --none--


Products Name: 5.5" In-Car DVD Player with TV/Monitor



Tax Class: Taxable Goods

Products Price (Net): 397.95

Products Price (Gross): 430.7809 <------ here is calculating the 8.25% california tax automatically!



NOW in my website www.productmaxusa.com for this product is showing 430.78 intead of 397.95 WIRED! which is the only product I am testing like this. And this is the link (it will be the first one) http://www.productmaxusa.com/index.php?cPath=24_37 tha the actual price is 397.95 but is placing it with the tax already of 8.25% for Ca


Is showing the price with the tax included intead with out the tax as it should be.




This is the way it appears in the website.



5.5" In-Car DVD Player with TV/Monitor $430.78



NOW the funny thing is that when I sign in as a California customer it shows this price, but when I sign in as another state it doen't.




Thank you very much to all of you....


Rod. :cry:

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