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The e-commerce.

Here is one for the real professionals: merging two files!


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I would like to make a serious alteration to checkout_shipping.php: I would like to combine it completely with checkout_shipping_address.php, leaving only the ability to add a NEW address on checkout_shipping_address.


I've tried, but somehow I am not succeeding. The radiobuttons will not show up on checkout_shipping. This has something to do with certain variable being zero and therefore skipping the entire code, but I don't know why it doesn't have a value. If I change that restriction I get the radiobuttons, but the java selection code doesn't work and the address selected is not actually selected.


ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I'm afraid I have had exactly zero responses after some 6 or so questions (and helping out others quite a bit) and this one happens to be quite important to me. So please help out, even if you are not completely sure... it's better than what I have at the moment. :?


Thanks in advance

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