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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm looking to do this too....


Last May I had a mod called Cat_Descriptions on my CVS version, which worked well. I recently made some new installs, and want to add this mod. I am using the STS, and of course got almost done with the Mod you are refering to until I got to the last step... and determined it was a different template system! Argh.


If I see one, or can get the older one to work on MS2 I'll post here. Please anyone else do the same!!

Steve K AKA - Knipper -

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I think this is my fault. I wrote the contribution "Category descriptions for the BTS" and uploaded it as an addition to the "Category descriptions" contribution. I ended my description of the contribution with:


if you don't have the BTS installed already , don't use this contribution!

I ment my own contribution, not the original "Category Descriptions" contribution. I think knipper and chris are mislead by my confusing warning.


I just read my own text again and it really needs to be changed! But how I don't know how, if someone knows a way please tell me. For now I will make a "new contribution" only to explain this.


Sorry for the confusion I (probably) created, :(



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