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The e-commerce.

nearly finished - 2cans.net


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I am developing my first shop http://www.2cans.net/shop (not live yet).

It is stripped down version of a MS2.2 installation which I have modified with help from these excellent forums.


Just looking for any suggestions/comments/problems before I start adding the products in earnest - sometimes if you stare at something too long you become blind to the obvious.

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Yeah Man it looks nice.

I dont like the back ground pic doo, try somthing with a solid color

and the top nav bar where Home>>Shop ex. Is a diffrent color from

the one at the footer where the date is, you may want to keep those

two the same.


Other than that is GOOD To Go...

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the background is very off putting too people, almost making you close the window without thinking.


The colours remind me a little of the bile that comes raging out my stomach after a good night out, but sometimes thats good on the eyes. Just not my thing.


The product images are great! Look really proffessional, no square colours but nicely merginf into the background colour.



I cant really see any theme with your products tho, why buy a mousemat with a shirt or tiles?


Just my 2cents.

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ahh I see you print on the items, in that case good luck!


How do you know what to print on the products? Maybe you could have an email feature where they email you an image??

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