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Search Enhancements Contribution


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Hi, I want to install a hack that allows the administrator to see all the searched for terms. So far I've found the Search Enhancements Contribution but it does way more than I want it to. I've included what it advertises below with a link to it. I only want it to do numbers 1, 2, and 6 (basically just let me see what people have searched for and not let them see). Has anyone been able to modify this contribution or knows how to in order to do what I want it to? Or does anyone know of a contribution that doesn't have all these extra features?







1) Automatic logging of all search terms used on your site.


2) Processing of logged search terms into total counts, with sorting by totals or by name.


3) Admin page provides a Google type facility whereby you can add words or phrases and their suggested replacements to a database table, once you've added data to this table if for example a customer searches for 'wheal' a line is added to the top of the search results page saying: 'you could also try: wheel'. This line is a clickable link that automatically re-searches on the replacement words. For this feature to work you must have made an entry via the admin page for the particular word/phrase used as well as the suggested replacement, obviously this data will take a little time to build up, this is the reason for the keyword logging, so as you can periodically check to see what needs adding to the replacements table.


4) Words/phrases and their suggested replacements can be added/edited/deleted at any time via the admin section.


5) Improved layout of Search results page if no results are found, providing the user with some tips on better searching.


6) Complete admin section to view and process logged search results.


7) When searching, any keywords entered as a plural will automatically have the final 's' stripped from the keyword, this should help if you have your products named/described in the singular form. A benefit of this is that even if there *should* be an 's' on the end of the keyword the correct results will be brought up due to the in-built partial matching of the osC search facility.



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You mentioned these two other contributions in your read me file.


? Search results with Highlights - By: Robert Hellemans


? Custom Quick Search - By: Mattice



Do these two and your contribution all work on MS2?


Thank you

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Erica, if the contribution does what you want it to do and a bit more, why not simply use it and not bothering with the extras you don't need? I don't really see what the problem is, as the contribution will not interfere with the task you want to accomplish if you don't use the other handy features. Either way it should not be so hard to hack out the not needed parts if you really want to.


Magicproshop, the 2 contributions mentioned do not work with MS2. The Search Enhancements contribution now does work with MS2, thanks to Jakob H?y Biegel (and a little help from your's truly hehe) :D




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