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Help - orders 0ver ?1000 not getting to payment form!


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I am running 2.2 with a Secure Trading module I am upgrading from the posted one. Everything works fine with orders that total less than ?1000, but as soon as you hit 4 figures the number generated by the '$formattedamount' variable become 1 (if order ?1000+) or 2 (if over ?2000) etc. The order amount is correct in the osC orders module, and on customer and merchant email. However only the ?1 value goes to Secure Trading. This could be a problem - any ideas?? I have scoured forums to no avail. I assume the problem is a configuration detail somewhere that is set to 3 figures.


By the way - other than this the module is now running very well and contains a CVV verification section not present in the original. Seems to work with SecureTrading fine. Will post it as soon as this bug fixed.

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The problem seems to be caused around the "checkout_confirmation.php" page. The values are assigned in this page are the values eventually sent across to SecureTrading on to the form.cgi submission. The values are coming across successfully to the payment system, but the value is always a hugely reduced amount. It would therefore seem that the caluclation used to add the data to the amount variable is incorrect.




SecureTrading Support

[email protected]

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Thanks Kelvin

I have been poring over the site this afternoon to no avail

I can't work out where the calculation is going wrong - and why it only affects totals over ?1000. I am by no means an expert in php!


Anyone out there got any bright ideas??




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