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some thought on "USPS Transit Time Display Not Function


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After couple of long nights, I decided to ask for help to fix the "USPS Shipping module not display transit time" problem.


The module I use is Brad Waite / Fritz Clapp's contribution USPS Methods 2.5


I intercept the USPS Response to the Quote Request. It is in XML format, after careful examine the content inside. I could not find anywhere a Transit Time was returned.


Then I went back to the USPS.php to examine the function inside of it. It appears to me when "Display Transite Time" options are selected, this module will try to parse the response for a transit time variable which is not there.


I think this is where the problem come from.


To verify the problem even deeper, I went to USPS WebTools API site to read their documentation. Nowhere I can find any information related to transit Time that will be returned in the XML response.


So my conclusion is that USPS no longer support transit time.


Honestly, all USPS Transit time can be found from their website which is fixed time period. For example, Priority Mail is always "2 ~ 4 days"


A quick fix or the only fix I can think of is to display "Priority Mail (2 ~ 4 days) instead of just "Priority Mail". The rest shipping method can follow this example. "First Class (2 ~ 7 days)" instead of "First Class".


Get the point?


All you need to do is go to usps.php and change a few line to accomplish the above.


Anybody's comments is welcome. If I sound stupid, don't laugh!!!!

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