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Shipping is not working, here is how (worked for me)


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It took me a very, very long time to fix a problem I was having with my shipping methode. I had selected flat rate shipping as the only shipping methode, but on my orders there was never any mention of this and it was never added to the order total either.


I had made modifications to the files, so I thought this might be it. But it wasn't.


I finally fixed it like this: in Admin -> Modules -> Shipping, click on your shipping method. Then select 'none' for Shipping Zone. Your shipping method will now show up.


I am very much aware that this won't work for everyone, I'm not sure what Shipping Zones are but they might be useful to Americans for example. I however have no need for it, as Holland is one country with one shipping service. I'm hoping that I can prevent someone in the same situation as me from spending so much time on this annoying problem.

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i found this to be just the opposite for me. When I had none selected, it wouldn't show me available shipping options. When I selected US for my zone, it loaded. Major Major show stopper, had me stopped, this should really be info on that page.

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I'm having a problem with my table based rates not showing up...

I want to change the zone but where do I go to do this?

My defaults are "none" or "florida"... how do I change this to state "US"

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Hello, please let me know about the weight in the shipping table. It?s Kg, Lbs... or another .. Because my product have a 1Kg. (Shipping table 2:2.20,3:2.74,4:3.28,5:3.82)



This is my example for the shipping cost for Principal cities:

1-2Kg. --------> $2.2

3 Kg. --------> $2.74 (+0.54)

4 Kg. --------> $3.28 (+0.54)





100Kg. (end)


I don?t understand how this work!!!!

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Sorry people, I only know what I wrote... I am still thankful that I got it to work!


In response to yeyo, first of all I would recommend taking a closer look at your table rates. If you really want to implement such an unclear scheme, consider this. Your customers want to know what they have to pay. Because your shipping costs scheme is too hard to comprehend, they won't know what they have to pay until they checkout. I, and many people with me, wouldn't bother and go somewhere else.


If you really have such a variety of products that you can't select a reasonable standard shipping rate, limit yourself to 2 or 3. The goal is not to have the customer pay for the actual shipping costs, the goal is to have all your shipping costs in a period returned. So for small orders that happen all the time you ask more than it costs, for big orders that don't happen frequently you ask less than it costs. This will even itself out. Or at least, your table should make sure that it evens out. You can clearly advertise these costs on your website, your customers will understand and they will order.


Now, your original question: the table rates are not in Kg, not in Lbs or anything else. They are in the format that you prefer. It doesn't matter whether this is Kg, Lbs, apples, fingers, or whatever. Just input the products weight when you add products in the format you like (so for example 1 kgs), and prepare the shipping table to determine based on this number the shipping costs. If you are more comfortable in grams, then input your products in grams and your product table too.

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Nice post folks. I'm new and my site is fairly simple shipping rate info at this time.


Ist product is $3.95 and add 50? for each additional so;


1 product is $3.95

2 products are $3.95+.50=$4.45

3 products are $3.95+1.00=$4.95



I this easy to set up? Is it already a feature, or will I have to create mod?


Thank you for answering my question.



John Beech - GM (and janitor)

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After a small mishap <_< , I have successfully configured zone shipping for weight. Any ideas if I can offer free shipping for orders over a set price alongside geo zone shipping?





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:D :D :D Thanks so much William B!!!! I couldn't get my usps rates to show up until I tried your tip. No one could answer my post either about it. You rock!



House of de Don

See you on the dark side,



I'm just a girl living in captivity

Your rules of thumb makes me worrisome

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Hello all,


This is good stuff.


My situation is quite simple, and yet for the life of me, I can not figure out how to accomplish it...


My scheme is this:


Product A is priced at x$.

No Taxes.

No handling.

No incremental charges.


Shipped within the US - add an additional $y to cart total order, to later to be submitted to PayPal.


Shipped outside the US - add an additional $z to cart total order, to later to be submitted to PayPal.


So you see the only thing is based on where it is being shipped to.


If anyone can help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

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