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my UPS boondoggle


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I am in need of severe help; I have tried everything in the book when it comes to trying to get ANY UPS release to work.

I have followed step by step ALL instructions and tried every workaround that I found on these boards to no avail. I am new to PHP and XML and pretty much everything else.

My config/shipp info is fine

I have tried all UPS contributions including the XML (the one I figured would do the trick)

I am really at a loss here as this is pretty much my last obstacle to pass before I can really start some testing to work everything out.

I have been trying to figure this out for a week.


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Are you in the US? Did you follow the installation instructions exactly? Including getting the aproperate ID and stuff from UPS? Is your osC installation - basic/un"mod"ified/not heavly changed?


If you answered NO to anything above - then re-read and re-do as per the instructions and make nessary changes. Start with a "Standard" installation and see if that works first.

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Thanks for the response, I am in the USA and have all proper accounts with UPS in line (access key, Dev Key) I have tried everything you mentioned and am in the middle of my second complete reinstall, from wiping out the DB and making a new one, then just trying to getting shipping straight.

Thanks for your help

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I got the UPS_XML1.2 module working with OSC2.2 by viewing the error log:


You can enable logging which will record the request/response of the transactions. Look for and uncomment this line in upsxml.php:


//$this->logfile = '/tmp/upsxml.log';



Hope this helps. :blink:

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