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tep_session_register problem


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This is the code I have currently. It works fine for displaying on the first page that it first grabs it but it will not keep it throughout the whole checkout process to use at the end.


$random = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];

GLOBAL $random;

$random = $_GET['ID'];


echo $random;


Any clues?


Also, I just received this email from another IT person here. We have inhouse server we do most dev on but we also have a version on the web for testing CC processing, etc. Maybe this is a hint of a bigger problem.


"On the server-edition (www2)


The checkout process is not working... Everything works fine up until checkout_confirmation. After that it loses all variables (name, city, state, address, amount, etc..etc..). Because it loses track of all the variables the verisign checkout won't approve it. Do you know of anything going on here? "



If anyone knows anything about either of these problems please let me know. Thank you!

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