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Relationships Between Attributes


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I was wondering if anyone has developed, was thinking of developing or has thought about attributes with relationships.


Basically, what I mean is that if you have a certain product, say a Shirt and the current attribute options are Fabric, Colours and Size.


Say the shirt is availiable in one fabric in red,blue and green, however in another fabric, it is available in white, black and grey. It is the same garment but options just differ depending on what attribute is selected.


What do people think? As far as I can tell there are no contributions that do this and I haven't really come across anything in the forums that discusses this issue.


What are people thoughts, do we have a start for a new contribution?


Looking forward to this :D

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I'm glad you answered - I was actually going to PM you about this - but thought I would throw it around out in the open for a little bit.


OK, to be honest this is something that I personally need, but I'm sure many could benifit from it.


I am in the clothing business so I will use clothing examples:


Just say I have one shirt. The shirt is availiable in two fabrics (fabric1 and fabric2). My also produce the shirt in 3 different colours. The problem is that the shirt is only made in fabric1 in colour1 and colour2. While the same shirt in fabric2 is available in colour3.


Colour3 is not available in Fabric1.


Basically this would be attribute relationships (PRODUCT BASED HOWEVER). It would mean that I could sell the one shirt, in two different fabrics, but certain colours are only available in certain fabrics.


As I mentioned this would have to be product based, as in another product fabric1 and fabric2 might have all colours available (I hope everyone is still following).


The way I enviage it is that there is a new Product Attribute manager where (per product) you can specify which attributes belong to that product(s) and which attributes are related to other attributes.


Then in product_info.php everything would remain the same, but once an attrivute is selected the other related attributes could be made available (either through an onchange in the primary attribute, or alternitevly you could make the attribute selection process step based. Ie. Select the primary attribute (in my case Fabric) and once the fabric is selected the available colours for THAT FABRIC become available).


Once again I hope I am making sence here - please let me know what you think Linda, or if you need any more information.


This may sound like it gets complicated if people had LOTS of attributes, however in the product attribute selection screen you could select an attribute as the primary/parent attribute (fabric) and then the available options stem from it (the available colours).


Looking forward to everyones responses, and I know everyone is glad to see you back Linda :D

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Thanks for the reply, I had looked at QTPro briefly but never installed it (I don't think it has been brought up to 2.2MS2 yet....


Maybe we can use this as a building block if Linda (or anyone else) is insterested.


I will download QTPro now and have a look at how it works.....thanks.

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Hmm it looks like QTpro has been updated for 2.2MS2 - I will have a look at it now.


I think a dedicated contribution would be better suited - however I will install this and have a look - as I said - maybe we can use a lot of Qtpro for the new contribution.

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And of course after I posted my last comment I read the description and it states: **** It does not filter the attribute options for stock in product_info.php as QTPRO 2.1 does*****


So the main feature that I want it for hasn't been updated yet :?

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  • 3 months later...

Hi all


I'm prepared to work on a contribution to address this requirement if no solution exists.


Fiscus, I assume you need functionality similar to that displayed here:




If you select color Black, the list of available sizes will change from say, brown.


Any ideas/direction would be appreciated.



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Replace the current 'products_attributes' table with an attribute master and mapping table


barebones -


attribute_mapping (id_attribute, id_type, id_parent)

atrribute_master (id_attribute)


id_type is either a product or another attribute.

id_parent is the id of either id_products or id_attribute depending on the value of id_type


You can fill in the details for attribute pricing, options etc etc...

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