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The e-commerce.

Real stock control doesn't exist in OSC ?


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In osC it is not possible to control the stock on product-attributes level!


If you want to sell a t-shirt that you have in 2 different colours (black and white) and 3 sizes (S, M and L). You sell out all black t-shirts in the size M.


How can you avoid that customers order black size M t-shirts, but still allow the customer to buy all the other sizes and colours??

You can not even do it manually. If you e.g. remove the black colour then you will not sell the rest of your stock of black t-shirts in the sizes S and L :?


I wonder how everyone else using osC can control their stock in order to avoid that customers order and pay for products you do not have in stock.


Does anyone know about a contribution that can solve the problem in question?? A contribution where you can set in the stock level for each option combination for each product...


I look forward to get some replies how you all have solved this problem - ...or maybe I am the only one having this problem? :o


Best regards


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what happended to http://www.vary.net/qtpro


It does not work for me.


I was hoping to use this contribution for this problem.


This to me is a fundamental area of OSC that needs changing, it is totally impracticle to have a large shop without individual product codes on individual attributes.


Does have any ideas on how to implement this.

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