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The e-commerce.

Question for a special Shipping Module


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Does anyone know if there is a Shipping Modul which allows to give different users different options of shipping?

It would be very important that I can give some users the possibility to pay after reseption of the goods.But this privileg should be avaliable only for a small group of important customers.

Does ane Plug-in like this exist :?:


Would be very nice if somebody can help me :)


Best Regards from Austria

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I can't tell if this will be helpful or not...


If you have them select "Pay by Check" they receive an e-mail that tells them "Your order has been received. We will not ship goods until payment has been received."


In this case, you "could" just ship them the product and wait for their check. You would not have to change any code. Just ship them the product.


I do hope this is helpful!


Ian Sears

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This was also me first idea, but I didn`t find any chance to giv different users different options.

Ther should be the text that he has to pay after reception of the goods for Customer A, but Customer B must pay befor the goods are shipped.

Can I customize each customer ?

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And Yes.


No. osCommerce cannot.


However, I do know that it is possible to reprogram osCommerce to make this possible. I do not have code or resources to offer you, sorry. But this is what you need to do.


1) You need to re-write osCommerce to have an extra MySQL Table in the database so that when a customer creates a new account, YOU can go into Admin and set their account shipping method behind the scenes.

2) Then, when they log in and purchase products, your custom shipping method applies to that customer only.


Your Contribution request is worded as "Custom Shipping Method per Customer Account" or something like this. Try going into the Forum called "Feature Requests" and make a Forum entry there. It's possible you are not the only Store Owner that will need this functionality.


I know it is "possible" because some contributions are written to give each Customer Account "other" unique abilities. Yours is the Shipping Method. Sorry I can't be more helpful than this!


Ian Sears

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