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problem with create_account_process.php


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Got a huge problem. I?m using an english version of windows 2000 and I can register an account in my oscommerce shop, BUT, swedish users who uses swedish windows 2000 or windows XP got the following error when they try to register for an account:


0 -


insert into address_book (customers_id, address_book_id, entry_firstname, entry_lastname, entry_street_address, entry_postcode, entry_city, entry_country_id) values ('0', '1', 'Anna', 'Berglund', 'test street 21', '79564', 'Test town', '203')


The problem seems to be that customer_id is 0, but in the customer table it is for example 54.


I can?t understand why. Please help me.


Thanks in advance.

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If you upgraded an older shop and did not update the address_book by running install/pr21_to_pr22/ms1_to_ms2.php on your database the address_book is using autoincrement on the address_id now and your customer file has the old value of 1 in the customers_default_address_id field which needs to be updated to the actual value of the address_id in the address_book.


So if you only ran the update program:

install/pr21_to_pr22/address_book.php that could be why.

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