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The e-commerce.

My New Store - www.fitnesshq.co.uk


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I'd really apprecaite comments and critisism of my new store - http://www.fitnesshq.co.uk


It took me about 4/5 days to put this together (including loading all 1300 products). It is based on MS2, with lots of contributions (including my own Worldpay contribution, which works absolutely fine)


Slow speed test would be a great help also.


Many thanks


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Oh my god! I'm on broadband and that took forever! Also, search function is EXTREMELY SLOW!


Header needs to be fixed.


Click here to enlarge doesn't appear in product_info.php and when it does appear (such as product_reviews.php) an image shows up that says there isn't an image available.


I would really take the counter down.....



Other than that...nice site. I will tell you that at first I was considering buying some stuff, and the thought of how long it would take completely made me change my mind.





Chris Sullivan

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Took less than 3 seconds to load for me.


shipping & returns link needs information (Put here your Shipping & Returns information.)


Privacy notice needs information


Conditions of use needs information


Everything else seemed to load fairly fast. It's -- ok -- not very flashy

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Thanks for the feedback.


I think there was a problem with the server hence the speed - it was running at over 60% processor utilisation from another user, so hopefully that problem is solved. In any event i've reduced the size of the header graphics.


The searching does full description searches, so will be a bit slower, but I think this problem is solved for the same reason as above. Users will not know what to look for if only the title is searched - I learned that from my other site - www.fitnessireland.ie.


I rather liked the heading taking up the whole space, but obviously it has not gone down well, so i've changed the whole screen to be centred and contained within a table (and it probably does look better this way!!)


I will complete the Terms, privacy, etc tomorrow.


Just one other point, i'd appreciate more than "i dont like it" - can you please let me know why? I have installed a lot of contributions, and added quite a lot of extras myself - with ideas taken from various sources. It is inevitable that it will look like other osCommerce sites. I dont see whats wrong with that!


Thanks again


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A table with a border is 97 html coding style.. maybe a black line around your content will be better..


the line under Basket Contents : 0 Items, totalling ?0.00 is a pixel or two lower than the one around "Home".


also i d?n't think that that grey background it's the best.. maybe a plain color will be better (and faster to donwload)


the red line around infoboxes don't match with your blue background... choose a color and then try to use variants of it in the site...




patagonia, argentina

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I noticed that you put a link to the 'all_prods.php' at the very bottom of the page. This is the last place anyone will look for such a link. My solution was to create a new box to contain 'odds and sods' links, such as the 'all products'. The 'odds and sods' box is just a copy of the 'information box' renamed and refilled with... well, odds and sods.


One question for you. At the top of the page just below the 'search ... my account login ..' you have the breadcrumbs nav bar. Added to that is 'basket contents' 'items' totalling.' If you used a mod for this, could you point me in the direction where it can be found

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