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The e-commerce.

HELP!! Recover Crashed database


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Its all gone wrong....!!


Some how I have managed to corrupt the database....so I am getting session errors.


I am getting this error when trying to log into Admin.....


1146 - Table 'oscommerce.configuration' doesn't exist


I believe this is telling me to reinstall a database as i dropped the corrupt one..




I made backups using the database-backup tool in admin......how do I go about restoring one of these ??


I cannot use the Admin 'Restore' as I have no access to it !!


Do I recreate a new database in Mysql and then import(restore) using admin ?? will this work ?


Databases were backup as plain sql-files.


Please point me in the right direction, I really cannot afford to start everything again !! don't mind losing out on a few days work. :(



thks for your suggestions :)

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I'm sorry....don't go through the wholwe upload mess.


If you have deleted your install folder, just upload that.


then go through the normal install.


If you are familiar with phpmyadmin you could try just dumping the corrupt db and inporting one of your bus.


phpmy admin also has a few utilities that may be able to repair it.

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Put the install folder back and ran install again, yes this worked I now have a working store again - but this gives me the standard database...

Using the restore in admin will not restore my old database, keep getting error.


I tried the install again ...replace standard db in install folder with one of the backups I had made.


But I get an error as :


1146 - Table 'oscommerce.configuration' doesn't exist


select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration





I have check the db in phpadmin, for faults, all ok.




How would I go about moving just the product descriptions from a backup_db into the fresh database ??


I only need to save product discriptions as these took alot of time to produce.

I have no need for any previous session data.




I have been saving sessions to database ( Would this affect anything ? )




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saving the sessions to db really shouldn't hammer it.

I don't know enough about it to say.

However I never do 'cause it can really bloat yer db.


do you have phpmyadmin, or access to cpanel on your server.


you'll have to use some db manager to do what you want to do.


you will have to create a new db then import one of your backups there.


export that products table -- tick "drop tables" and save as pure sql.


import the saved sql into the good db.

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