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Authorizenet Contribution v 1.2 is Working, except...


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I installed the Authorizenet Contribution v 1.2, and it is working as I would expect. I have one small problem though.


The email that goes to the customer contains the following:



Order Number: 5


Detailed Invoice: .../catalog/account_history_info.php?order_id=5



A couple of things do not make sense here.

1- Why does the Order Number show up? Is this something I can track in the Admin Panel? I don't see where orders are numbered either in the Admin Panel, or during the checkout process.


2- The Detailed invoice information should not point to a file, right? How do I fix this?


Otherwise, the module is working beautifully! Great module!




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That e-mail is correct and yes OSC uses order numbers. Create a fake order and go into your admin section and then click on the order to view it. You will get an address that looks something like: https://www.yoursite.com/catalog/admin/orde...445&action=edit


The oID=1445 is the order number of 1445.


To test part two, create an account, do a fake order and then follow the link from the e-mail. You will have to login again but it will then take you to the order history page where the customer can view their orders. If you want to make it so that the customer can actually "print" an invoice off of that page I like this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,937/page,14

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OK, I followed your instructions, and I see what you mean. When I followed the address "link", I could indeed see an order number. But looking through the Admin Panel at the order, I could not find any order number. So, without the customer telling me what the order number is, I have no idea. Is there a way to make the order number show up in the Admin/Orders panel?


Secondly, the customer's email does indeed contain an address to a link, but it is not a link itself, it is text. I had to copy and paste the address into a browser. That in itself is not a big deal to me. But to a customer, it would look nicer if it were a link that they could just click on. Would it be possible to make it so that the link address is not just text, but an actual link? Also, in the customer's email for Detailed Invoice, I think it would make a little more sense to say something like, "Click on the link below to view your Detailed Invoice", or something like that. It doesn't look like a mistake that way, but is a way to give the customer even more details than the email provides, which is what I think you had in mind, right?


Also, I tested both methods: A customer with an account, and a customer without an account. Using the address "link" from the customer's email, the customer with an account "link" acts differently than the customer without an account "link". Specifically, for a customer who has an account, the link takes the customer directly into that order's details. But when following the link for a customer without an account, the customer is taken to the "My Order History" page. Is there a way to make the "links" act the same for both types of customers and take them to the "My Order History" page?


Sorry to put so many issues in one thread, but these all seemed closely related. I have several more issues, but will create other threads for them.


I will check out that contribution that allows the customer to print their invoices, a nice touch!




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