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Hey all.

First and foremost... oscommerce ROCKS!!!!

Great job to the programmers, truely awesome job.



Im new to this but im picking up fast. Want to ask the following.


When I goto LocalizationsLanguagesdefine i can see all the PHP files. I am able to modify the texts files such as reviews.php but for some reason I can modify the ENGLISH.PHP When I try to remove the Information box (bottom left) it allows me to save but in reality it never saves?


How can I modify this file? Is it because of OScommerce rights or something?


also, how do i secure the admin configuration, I want to be able to password protect it so that no one can goto the configuration site.


thanks a bunch :lol:

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Hi suhail,



In Admin:Tools:FileManager, go to the /catalog/includes/languages directory and look at the permissions set on your english.php file. You should see something like this:


english.php 17,643bytes -rw-r--r-- suhail suhail


If you don't see any [w]'s in that group of [r]'s there, you can't edit english.php from within osCommerce Admin. You'll have to have someone set the permissions on that file to provide you "write" access. These aren't Permissions that you can alter from within osCommerce. However you can set them when you upload a file via FTP. Otherwise, someone running your server has somethinging called "root access" and you can ask them if they can reset the permission for you.


Just a thought.... are you trying to remove the information infoBox by editing something in english.php?? I don't "think" you can do it from there... You have to go into /includes/column_left.php, I think, but I could be wrong...


Hope this helps,

Ian Sears

[email protected]

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