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Attribute options ? & prefix = blank ?


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My client has products that are sold in different weights. He wants all weights to be displayed as a drop down menu. This is fine as the product attributes caters for this very situation. :)


The problem is he does not want a base price that is added to or subtracted. What he wants is no base price, until an option has been selected. Each option should state the full price.


This would require the price of the product to be set to $0!


I cannot remove the price at the top of the product because some product will require it (they don?t have any attribute options). Setting the price at $0 and having it visible looks like an error! :cry:


One solution would be to remove the price only when the product has an attribute options and perhaps replacing it with some suitable text. I would have to do some coding. :!:


Another would be to set the price at one of the weight options and add or subtract from the price. (he does not want this). I believe this is what the feature is designed for. :?:


Can anyone suggest a way to resolve this problem? Or has anyone solved this problem and can share their solution? :idea:


Also does setting the prefix to blank make the price replace the value rather than adding or subtracting? :?:


If there are no other solutions I will try and write some code, which determines if there are any attributes and if so removes the price. Or even write some code that only displays the price if there are no attributes, but before I do so I am sure there will be an easer solution.


An help offered will be mush appreciated.


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I tested prefix options and found that a,


bank prefix = same as "-" subtract ... :cry:


I am sure you all new this, I will have to change all the prices back to "+". :(

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