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The e-commerce.

Some ideas and some help!?


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I currently have been working on OSCommerce for about 5 months now and I can't say thanks enough to the developers and all the contributing people that have made it the wonderful tool that it is and will be.


I have two questions, both of which I've tried researching but haven't found either a contribution to handle them, or an answer.


As we all know, OSC has products and you can create a product attribute for the product. My customer runs a fishing tackle supply store and at times, she runs out of certain items. The thing is, there is no way to disable a specific attribute, only delete it. And of course, if she disables the PRODUCT, then ALL items and colors become unavailable. Is there a way, or contribution anyone can suggest to help on this issue.


The other issue, regarding the order once it has been placed. A customer visits her store, intends on purchasing an item, only to see that it is out of stock?!? How is this? Well, related to the above question, it's not the ITEM that's out of stock, but the specific COLOR attribute. How can she remove items from the customers ORDER because currently, you cannot click the edit button to remove or update items in a customers order, only change the status.....? Ideas on this, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks to all in advance!



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