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The e-commerce.

Please can someone take a look at my shop


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I like the 3D buttons on your main page - I have 3D buttons on my site also. However that purple you have in the shop still doesn't quite go with the main page. What would be really nice is if you could make the info boxes with 3D buttons also. There must be a way although I couldn't figure it out when I tried it. But I have seen some shops made with this software that do stuff like that. That would look much better.


On the down side, horizontal scroll bars - not good!


Also your copyright notice is not the same font or colour as the software copyright notice, which looks unprofessional. I would put them all together and make them the same font.


If you only have one language option you can disable the languages box.


Also, I don't know much about Beanie babies, but I looked at one and you have this


Carrots the Bunny ?3.95



Birthday: 13 September 2001

Retired: 16th April 2001


How can it be retired before it was born? Methinks perhaps a mistake?

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you should remove the language box.


If you offer the language option and only have one, people feel cheated of the option. But if its not there they dont think about it.

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Agh frames!


Have you viewed it on a 800x600 screen? a lot of customers will use this size and making them scroll across and down is rather off putting.


I would prefer the menu buttons to be smaller and possibly across the top or maybe grouped either side of the logo, which would eliminate any horizontal scrolling.


just my 2 pennies worth.

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