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The e-commerce.

Oscommerce is STILL Pregnant, with a beer belly..


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I Just dont get it, I really dont, I tried everything from:

upgrading php from 4.2.2 to 4.3.3, to

setting the php_value session.use_trans_sid 0


I tried center shop...


I tried modifiying the boxes.class width


I tried modifiying the acctual tables that define the boxes witdh in the,

say: index.php file and so on,


I tried bangin my head :x but that hurt....


I tried diffent browsers.... i tried diffrent OS platforms with diffrent browsers....


well i think you get the hint...


I load the index.php here




everything looks fine.. i load it again fine...


I delete my cookies and cached history pages BOOM :!:


OSCOMMERCE left colum IS PREGNATED.. i mean with and ice cold beer in hand too!


and get This... I view the source code of the bloated index and the skinny index and the code DONT CHANGE :!:


I guess if it gets its chocalate chip cookies its fine... take them away forget about it :x :?: :?:


Does anybody have a clue???


Much Appreciated



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What contribution provides

<!--------- BEGIN FOOTER CONTROL ---------------->

The only page that I see that works is the index.php page. All the others get

Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong directory in /home/httpd/vhosts/annettesgiftboutique.com/httpdocs/catalog/product_info.php on line 248


Fatal error: Failed opening required 'includes/footer.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in /home/httpd/vhosts/annettesgiftboutique.com/httpdocs/catalog/product_info.php on line 248

Does includes/footer.php exist? Is that what index.php includes?




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I really have a hold on OSCOMMERCE layout and design Read this post first




I explained everything about MS2 index.php layout structure in


<!--comment tags--->


My problem is unique, dont worry about those PHP footer errors, They are well expected as I am fixing the layout... I have created my own header and footer files for PHP to spit out, plus I added new comment tags so i know what the hell im doin :wink: ...


The problem I face is a 100% width problem when PHP outputs the boxes.class file into the display columns.


It just boggles the hell out of me that Im defining a


<table width="50"> for the start of the left column and alll the boxes outputs are 100%, so it should abide by the "50", but sometimes it does

somtimes it dosnt, it seems that., I erase the cookies, and cached files.. the bloted beer belly problem begins.. but if i reload the page


wala back to skinny jimmy... I dont get it??


Im wondering if this is a browser IE problem, not a PHP nor OSC problem


Thanks again


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<table width="50">
is a minimum width, not a maximum width. If something inside it is wider than 50, then the table will be expanded to fit.




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Well If you manually edit boxes.class and change the width of the box header and box width, when OSC displys is dynamic data, the boxes get disordered. (so this is not the answer)..


I cant fiqure why this is happining? when widths are set to 100% and the table is defined :x




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All widths are minimum widths. If something inside the boxes is wider than 50, it will make the column wider. Btw, I haven't actually seen whatever your bug is. I.e. I don't know what you are seeing.


What version of PHP are you using?




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