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The e-commerce.

How can my customer print or download an order form?


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We carry over 3500. products. I am not putting them on the website.

However, I would like people that have our catalog be able to go

to the website and download an order form, print it, fill it out and be able to fax it to me.

So I just need the form to pop up in a browser windwo and tell them to print it.

???? :lol:

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Make up yer form in a word processor. I don't see why this would have to secure, but you could pdf it. Upload as a doc to down load or an html that they can print from the screen.


As an alternative you could use something like phorm. This is not an osc app, but you could link to it. Lots of freedom here, you can even address a db with it.

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I had to do the same thing -- it's a basic hyperlink. Make up the form, get it all ready .. then ...


Want to pay via check/money order via snail mail? NO problem!! Just click <a href="/forms/nameofform.format"> HERE </a> to access and print out out simple online form!!

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Well, you can put it where you like, provided the hyperlink goes to it. Perhaps create a folder called forms and put it in there. So the link would be www.yourdomain/forms/faxform.doc

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so the form could be







Where do I place the faxform.doc file?


and thank you, very sexy picture.  :oops:


Hehe, thanks, you should see the uncensored full shot :)


And yes, I'd put the forms in a folder called /forms so it won't contradict any other files you have.


Be sure to include the name/address where you want the money order/check sent, or the fax number, too.


I actually have 2 forms -- one for them to snail mail in, and one for them to fax in. The only difference is the size of the type font -- so they don't have to fax in 3 pages (some people are cheap).

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Oh, as to the format -- I don't generally use .pdf because many of my customers are webTV weenies and it's not compatible. I use just basic html as it's the easiest format for me and my customers. Those on webTV, for example, can't access .doc formats I don't believe.

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