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help with Header Controller Coding: Any suggestions?


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I have a great idea on customizing the header controller a bit to automate some things, but cannot figure out how to do it. Here is the overview:


1. Have a client with over 2000+products who we installed the header controller contribution for.


2. they dont have the time to manually enter for each product into the new title, keywords, and description fields for meta tags.


I am tryign to come up with a solution for automating this and have a good idea but keep running into problems with coding.


I figure if I was to add a two queries into the product_info.php page:


1. new query to ull product info based upon product_id passed in URL.


2. Second new query to update the product_description table would automatically push these:


product_name value into the product_meta_title field


product_model and product_name and manufacturer (if possible) into the product_meta_keywords field.


product_description into the product_meta_description field.


This way in theory if these two queries are run at top of page BEFORE it creates the title and meta tags, then by the time the regular product query hits the page, it will be updated automatically and display.


My coding keeps bombing out. Any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.




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I figured out how to get the title dynamically created by adjusting the header_tags.php page, but still cannot figure out how to dynamically fill the product_descriptions table for the new header controller fields.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




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