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A question of payment


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Before I download this and configure and install it, I wanted to verify something:


The business I am developing for does VERY small amounts of business. It's basically a side business that I believe could grow into a primary business, and so I'd like to set it up properly from the get-go. However, they would like to use ProPay for it's CC/ECH system and low fee, with the option of paying with Paypal if they'd like.


A) Does the system merely trap the customer information for credit card processing in the admin screen, to allow you to process the information in whatever way you wish, or does it actually require a merchant account installed?


B) Will it allow submitting to multiple payment methods, such as a separate option to pay by CC or by Paypal, or even the option to send an email letting the admin know that they are sending a check/money order?


I appreciate any information you can give. If I'm not 100% clear, let me know, and I'll clarify anything I need to.

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OK, this time I'll try to actually answer your questions! :lol:


You can set up osC to store credit card details, or to have them processed automatically through a payment gateway, or use a service like paypal or nochex. You can also allow payment by cheque or bank transfer. For some options you may need to download an additional module, but they are easy to install - just upload the files to the payment folder, set the option or options you want in admin & you're done.

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