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USPS installation error


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HEllo I am running MS2.2 and tried to install the USPS methods mod. but its spitting out



Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_shift() in /home/www/ladygwear/catalog/admin/includes/classes/table_block.php on line 31



when I click on "install" in the admin->mods->shipping->usps


looks like the admin/includes/functions/general.php is different.


can anyone help?

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first of all, you need an account from USPS, register at their web site. Then you need to contact them and ask them to switch you to the production server, let them know you are using this program for ecommerce and that it is already tested and works.

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i replied to the registration email from the usps about the api and i now have access to the production server, but i have no luck with installing the module..


i follow the instructions to the letter, but i get a fatal error message when i click on edit on admin>modules>shipping>usps blah blah blah... also, my green/red status buttons have disappeared. i now have to click on the row fo the module, then click on IMAGE_MODULE_INSTALL or something like that to install it.


i keep re-uploading the default/backup files i had before i installed/uploaded the contribution and then re-uploading the contribution but i keep getting the same errors. i have no idea what's going on! :blink:


thanks for helping... help me please!!!


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I've got an almost working module. The rates quote but in the Admin/orders area I'm getting the following error when clicking on the "USPS label shipping" button.

"Not Found

The requested URL /admin/FILENAME_ORDERS_diffrentshipping was not found on this server."


I also get an "access denied" Forbidden type error from the "USPS customer shipping" button. On the surface, the last one looks like a permissions error except that it comes from within the OSC window on the page. So I'm thinking maybe the module can't access a table in the db???


Any ideas?

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