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Easypopulate 2.61.1 MS2 Windows 2000 Server Blank Page


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I have searched throught these forums and haven't found a specific answer to my problem. Perhaps someone can help.


I have Win2k, IIS as my web server. Am using standard MS2 and have downloaded Easypopulate 2.61.1 (ie the fixed version)


I have tried downloading the default data and then repopulating the store with this data but everything I try results in a blank page without any error message to say what has happen ... or in my case what hasn't happened. No data is imported.


I think its windows specific, as everyone else does not to be having the issue. I also think it's do do with how the paths are set.


I've tried leaving it at the default settings, tried changing it to absolute paths eg "c:/webs/site/catalog/temp/" tried "c://webs//site//catalog//temp//". I've even reversing the "/

" to "" but nothing seems to help.



Does anyone have a solution ? There are a number of posts in the forum but no one seems able to answer the question.



Any ideas ?




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Hi there,



No ... not running on a local host ! Just testing on the main server.

I will give this a go when I have a free moment. Have to install a few things first.





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