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Number of Products in a Category?


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I am a little confused on the way products are displayed in the menu.


Right now have 1 main category: Glassware under that are 17 sub-categories (or folders) and within those are the actual products.


So, for example my menu looks like this:


Glassware-->Art Glass (which has 5 products)


My question is this: is there a way to show on the menu how many products are in each category?


If I go to Admin, it looks like this for the above example:




Glassware (1 Category 0 Products) then I click on that and get

the 17 sub-categories? folders which at the bottom it says:

17 categories 0 products


Shouldn't this have a total of all the products in each sub-category?


then when I click on the Art Glass folder it shows the 5 products and at the bottom it says 0 categories 5 products.


My site is here: http://www.elegantdepressionglass.com/cata...talog/index.php


I couldn't find anything on this in the How-to


Thanks for the help


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Go to Admin ~ Configuration ~ My store and set Show Category Counts to True.


That should do what you want.

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